Drummer, composer, arranger, educated M. D. Raised in Szczecin, Poland, currently based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Advanced Postgraduate Diploma in Jazz Performance and Composition at Danish National Academy of Music in Odense, Denmark, Rhytmic Music Department. Leader of different projects from trio, quartet to large ensembles, primarily Radek Wośko Atlantic Quartet and Radek Wośko Upbeat Orchestra. Active member of collective bands, mostly Danish-Polish, like Nelle Trio, Entrails United, Entropy, The Beat Freaks among others. Grand Prix Winner of 49. International Jazz Nad Odrą Festival in Wrocław, Poland (2013). Receiver of Entrepreneurship Prize from the Danish Musicians’ Union (2016). His records have been critically acclaimed in Europe as well as the US. The latest release Surge (MultiKulti Project) features a group of finest European improvisers.

Music for me is a great way to discover myself and to find a connection to the inner voice. I try to be honest and follow my heart in whatever action I take.

Radek took up piano at the age of 6 and classical percussion at the age of 11. Even tough music was an important part of his upbringing it was not until late teenage years when he developed an interest for the drums and started pursuing various styles of music. After graduating from med school in Poland he moved to Denmark to leave everything behind and investigate jazz and improvised music on a deeper level. He is currently pursuing a Ph. D. specialising in combining contemporary music with modern jazz drumming. He has toured, recorded and performed in Poland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Ghana, Benin, Kenya and Tanzania. Some of the highlights of his collaborations include the legendary Polish trumpeter Tomasz Stańko, as well as guitarists Gilad Hekselman and Lionel Loueke. He is also active on both Danish and Polish scenes, playing with who’s who from various musical genres.